September writing challenge

September writing challenge.
Challenge: “Why I write”
Any format, but touching somehow on your own unique compulsion to write!WhyIWrite



In art a triptych is commonly an altar screen, with the crucifixion seen in the central panel and the two side panels often showing images of saints or patrons as if they were witnessing the crucifixion.

In writing (or any other art) you may use a triptych for any of the following reasons:

To give the art a narrative in the beginning, middle, and end sense of a story.

To continue a theme along three pieces.

To examine a subject from multiple perspectives or with varying techniques.

To show the progression of a subject, such as its growth or decline.

To showcase three separate elements that are related and complement each other.

The August challenge is to write something about

” breaking, finding, mending”.

Extra points if you use a triptych in some way.

Or, you can write about something completely different!


VividMemoryOfHomeOur June writing challenge is on the subject of “vivid memories of home.”




February writing challenge: “Something Crisp” – possibly subject matter (fried potato slices, artist’s models etc) but certainly in style – no flab or excess).



Our December meeting has been moved to Wednesday, 7th December. It will start at 8 pm at the Old Bucks Head, Frankwell.

December writing challenge


It’s too darn hot!


Life is mostly froth and bubble, / Two things stand like stone, / Kindness in another’s trouble, / Courage in your own. -Adam Lindsay Gordon, poet (19 Oct 1833-1870)

You can use any part of this poem or all of it. You can use specific words if you prefer as a seed for your writing and if you want to link it to WWI in time for Friday 11th November that is OK as well.

Prose, poetry, rap or song – whatever you want to write.